Established in 2003







Since 2003, NEUAVENUE has a lots of activities that are performed by our IT services to design, build, deliver, operate and control information technology (IT)

Our company is a way of accessing route that is to be approaching avenues to greater places through grounds to abroad country. NEUAVENUE will show the way of getting more convinced of the better technology roadmap and shared a strategic-level business plan to teach and learn between you and us.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Multiple possibilities

Neuavenue is going to increase both learning and courses satisfaction outcomes. Teaching with Technology, Course design, and High-impact practices are out final Goal.

Billy Lee


Our education enables the teacher and the student both to set their own learning face as well as our educational platform gives a beautiful balance of work and studies.


Our education that has a lot of virtual classroom is available anywhere with internet connections if anyone can be studying abroad and allow everyone to have great choice and exotic places.



Give a Donation Greater

A donations is a gift for charity or to benefits a cause of potential technology after taking various forms such as goods IT sources, better services.

Work with us

Studious For Life Become Better

With NEUAVENUE, all learners and instructors both live out values after developing and working together. To helping them, our work team will navigate researching and studying with you.